Bullet Journal Introduction

I warn you, once you start, you will not be able to stop!

Bullet journaling is a great way to organize yourself and be creative at the same time. Who knew you could do that?

*Suggested* Materials

  • a graph/dotted notebook. Moleskine brand notebooks are $20-23 and high quality. You can also purchase graph composition notebooks at Staples for $5
  • color coded pens. Papermate brand pens tend to come in a variety of beautiful colors!
  • Wite-Out/correction tape
  • an assortment of washi tapes. You can pick a color theme for your bullet journal, or just pick a pack that you like
  • a ruler (unless you are naturally good at making straight lines)
  • festive stickers
  • any other things you want to include

To start, remember anything here is optional. I just wanted to put some ideas out about how to start.

Let’s get bullet journaling! You can begin by opening up your journal. On the first page, you can measure out a title and some boxes to mark out the months in the year. If you need help with a layout for this, I suggest looking on your phone calendar. You can test out the space you have in your journal by practicing measurements on a piece of loose leaf graphing paper.

On each month, you can use a colored pencil or pen to mark holidays, birthdays, important dates, etc. I highly suggest using a color code method, but any method that works for you is fine.

On the next page, you can create a goals page, books read page, bucket list page, etc. I would recommend using this as something that you will use long term.

Depending on how many pages you have used so far, flip to the next page where you have a blank page on both sides of your journal. Once you have found an open space, you can start setting up your weekly journal. Most people create horizontal lines or dashes, but you can set these pages up vertically, or any other pattern as well.

I love the look of numbered banners with the date and the day of the week next to it, but you can use whatever design you would like. Under each day of the week, you can write down the activities you have that day. I highly suggest taking a look at some examples on the internet to get some inspiration.

Another thing people like to do is draw pictures of the weather forecast for the day. You can look this up beforehand on the internet.

I like to put quotes at the end of each week on my bullet journal, because they are always something to look forward to an very positive + motivating!

Make sure to add some washi tape and decorative stickers! It’s also always fun to draw in some banners too:)

Happy bullet journaling! -Kat


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