Cool Dance Inventions

I’ve been looking on places like Amazon lately to try and find some helpful stretching equipment. There are so many different varieties of effectual mechanisms that help dancers with stretching and keeping fit.

Dancer or not, I would suggest trying these cool appliances out for those who aim for higher flexibility or stretching for cool tricks.

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1.SUPERIORBAND. The SUPERIORBAND is great for ballet stretching and gymnastics training. It increases flexibility and range of movement, and provides stability and comfort for stretching benefits. $16.99 on Amazon. SUPERIORBAND Stretch Band

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2.Ballet is Fun TurnBoard. The Ballet is Fun TurnBoard improves spotting, arm positions, confidence, and performance of pirouettes and other turns. You can practice on flat, or relevé. Currently $29.95 on Amazon (14% off). Ballet is Fun TurnBoard

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3.Ballet Foot Stretch. The Ballet Foot Stretch works directly on the aesthetics of a pointed foot. It works well for dancers and gymnasts alike in maintaining a better form in their feet. Although it is quite expensive, many buyers were pleased with the results. $126.99 on Amazon. Ballet Foot Stretch

If you purchase any of these appliances, make sure to comment below! Or comment about any other pieces of dance equipment you found useful.

Keep on dancing and happy Nutcracker season! -Kat


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