Lining Your Baking Tins

If you’re baking a cake, the easiest way to remove it from its pan is to line it with parchment paper. This may come as a surprise to some people who usually spray their pans. While Crisco works nicely for cupcakes, spraying a cake tin just doesn’t work as well if you want to assure clean removal from the baking tin.

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Lining circular baking tins:

Yes, it’s true, you could just trace your baking tin and cut it out. However, this method is more efficient.

  1. Rip off a piece of parchment paper large enough to cover your whole cake tin.
  2. Fold in half.
  3. Fold the parchment at the corner, as you would a fortune teller.

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  4. Fold it the same way again, so that the parchment is in fourths.
  5. Place the tip of the parchment in the center of the tin, and cut off the excess paper at the outside of the tin so that it lines up.
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5.Open up the parchment and it should be a full circle. If it doesn’t fit, fold the paper back up and trim it to the right size.

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6.Some people also line the inside edges of the tin with baking paper, but if you have a dark nonstick pan you don’t need to. However, I would still suggest using Crisco all over the pan to prevent sticking. You cannot use baking spray or your cake will stick to the pan.

7.Pour in the batter as you normally would.

Lining rectangular baking tins:

1.Measure out the area for the bottom and sides.

2.Rip off two sheets of parchment, placing them opposite to each other.

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3.Pour in the batter as you normally would.

That’s all! Parchment paper makes baking cakes a lot easier, and you don’t need to worry about removing your cake from the tin. Read my most recent post, Last Minute Cakes, for more! Or check out my Recipes page!


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