New Quizlet Class

Hi everyone!

I am excited to announce that you can now study new Chinese and German sets with me on Quizlet. You can find my new sets here. Currently I only have the Chinese sets up, but I will create the German sets shortly. To search within only one language category on my Quizlet page, look for my singularly labelled folders.

These sets advance from very simple introductory language to more advanced material as you go on. You can learn at your own pace, practicing with many different functions including, but not limited to: flashcards, tests, and fun games.

When you are ready to study, the sets are labelled by topic and number. Start from the beginning, but if you have previous experience, you can start from where you ended. I still suggest checking out all of the sets in case there is new information.

Quizlet is a free study tool that lets you learn on the go, using the app or the website. You can learn anything from languages to math, science, history, and much more.

As some of you may know, I did previously have other German, French, and Spanish sets up on Quizlet. Unfortunately I have taken them down, but I will replace them with better Chinese and German sets soon.

If you would like to receive emails every time I make a new Quizlet set, please go to the Contact tab at the top of the page and fill out the comment box saying you would like to receive emails.

You may also contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions either about Quizlet, or Peaches and Pastries.

I would also like to apologize for the lack of posts recently, as I have been quite busy. But I have many more things to share with you later on this week, so stay tuned.

Thank you all and have an amazing weekend!


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