Life Hack #2: No Compass? No Problem.

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Many people don’t have compasses on hand when they need them – which isn’t very often. Here is an easy, cheap, and time-saving method that will help you draw the same perfect circles in no time.


  • Two pencils
  • A rubber band or elastic

Attach the two pencils together so that you get the radius that you want for your circle. This would be the same as how far apart you would normally put your compass.

Set your pencils to the same radius as you would using a normal compass.                     Image source:

Use the elastic to secure the two pencils together.

To use the compass, place one pencil where you want the center of your circle to be. Hold it still while you use the other pencil to trace around in a complete circle. It may be easier to rotate the paper and keep the pencil still.


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