Getting Ready for Recital Season

Recital season is coming up soon, and I am ready…am I really though?

Unfortunately, this may be my last dance season due to the time next year’s sports other than dance will take up. So I’m going to make this recital count.

I have to admit that I missed a few opportunities in dance that I regret not having taken. I was offered the chance to be part of my academy’s company, which is a large group of dancers who participate in competitions and take special classes for more than seven hours a week. At the time, I was somewhat little, and was also equally focused on soccer. I also wasn’t sure whether I wanted to compete, or whether I was ready to commit to something like that. So I said no, and continued to dance for recreational classes instead. I have to say, that I think I took a pretty big miss there. But at the same time, I think I made a decision that works better for me now.

I still dance, but I also rejoined soccer, and am part of a competitive swim team. Next year I want to join the high school swim team as well, along with trying out for the volleyball team (one of my new favorite sports, along with hockey on rollerblades). I was told that I wouldn’t have enough time for dance with two swim teams and a possible volleyball team.

This year, I had tried to increase the number of dance classes I was taking to get back to the spot I was in before. But I just don’t think I am fierce enough, or passionate enough, to get back where I was. I hate to admit it, but I feel like over the years, I have hidden my fierce, confident side. I feel as if I can never reach the standards that I was at before.

Anyways, due to the fact that a few of the dance classes I wanted to take this year were at the same time as my swim team practices, I only ended up taking modern, jazz, and lyrical. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take ballet or technique.

Despite all of the not-so-positive things I just mentioned, I am very excited because I bought my mom bought me new makeup for dance! I think I had my old makeup for…seven years?

My favorite dance this year is my jazz dance. I think part of it is that I really like the choreography and the teacher. Modern is definitely not what I was expecting, but I like most of the girls in my class. I have to say that my lyrical dance is a bit disappointing. We have a big class, and because of it, the dance is focused on formations instead of choreography. That means no leaps, kicks, turns. So I am pretty disappointed. On a more positive note, we have very pretty costumes with beautiful flowy skirts.

I think I am ready for recital now…that is, after our picture day and dress rehearsal…


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