Life Hack #8: How to Double Dip in Guacamole. Or Salsa.

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Mmmmm guacamole. Or salsa.

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That is for everyone who likes salsa. You’re welcome.

Anyway, unfortunately I cannot actually allow you to double dip in the guacamole (or salsa). This life hack is more to sneakily get away with it. But not actually. You know? Cool.

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Well, let’s get to the life hack.

Double dipping (the sneaky way, of course) is fairly simple. Just watch out for your clothes, in case it fails.

Here are the two ways you can double dip (the sneaky way):

  1. Take a scoop of dip onto one chip. Break a piece off of the same chip (or use another chip) to scoop from the dip on your chip (note that all rhyming here is unintentional). Unfortunately, this method is pretty problematic, so I wouldn’t rely on it to work 100% of the time.
  2. Take a scoop of dip onto one chip. Sandwich another chip on top of it. Try and cram the whole thing in your mouth.

That’s all for double dipping (the sneaky way), at least for today (again, rhyming is unintentional). Be sure to check out my other life hack about chips, Life Hack #7: Turning a Chip Bag Into a Chip Bowl.

Have a fantastic wonderful Wednesday (since I’m on a rhyming streak)!



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