Life Hack #10: Getting Water Out of Your Ears (7 Different Ways)

We’ve all had those annoying times when you go swimming, and afterwards, there’s water stuck in your ear. Here are a few tricks to try.

  1. Jump up and down, with your ear facing down to the ground. Usually this only works if the water is not very far in.
  2. If you are relaxing, or going to sleep, lay with your ear down on the couch or bed. This may let the water drain out without you having to do any crazy jumping.
  3. Use a hair dryer to evaporate the water in you ear. Make sure you are not putting the hair dryer too close to your ear. Keep it at a safe distance, on a low setting.
  4. Yawn. This may push the water out of your ear, if not, help it to start coming out.
  5. Pinch your nose so that no air is coming in, and blow out. I find that this helps a lot with pushing the water out.
  6. Wear ear plugs. You can buy ear plugs that are specially designed for swimming. This will prevent water from getting into your ears the next time you go swimming.
  7. Purchase ear drops to use after you swim (only if there is water in your ear). You can find these at CVS or your local drugstore.

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