Abs and Core Workout

It’s not only important to stretch your body, but work your abs as well! Many activities push you to use your core, which is the center to everything. This is a light workout that I use, but definitely feel free to modify this to your liking.

Crunches, legs down, 20 seconds.

Image source: prevention.com

Crunches, legs in tabletop, 20 seconds.

Image source: blog.xuite.net

Crunches, legs up, 20 seconds.

Image source: zeleb.es

This is one set. Repeat this another two times. Take breaks in between sets if needed.

Plank for two minutes.

Image source: independent.co.uk

Next are push-ups and downward dog intervals. Right from your plank, stretch into downward dog.

Downward dog for 30 seconds, then push-ups for 30 seconds. You can also do more planks here instead of push-ups.

Image source: huffingtonpost.com

This is one set. Again, repeat this two more times.

Go into child’s pose for one minute. Although this is relaxing, the goal is to work on stretching your muscles.

Image source: theodysseyonline.com

The final part of this workout is V-sits. We are going to start with 8-count sits.

Lay on your back (Position A) for eight counts. Then go up into the tabletop position (Position B) for another eight counts.

Go into Position A for eight counts.

The next part is slightly different. From Position A, use your core to pull up into Position B for four counts. This next picture is Position C. After Position B, stretch even farther into Position C for four counts.

Image source: shape.com

Lay back into Position A for eight counts.

Pull up into Position C for eight counts.

This is one set. Repeat this another three times. Then, do four more sets, but with half of the counts (four counts instead of eight).

This exercise is similar to regular V-sits, however, it has the additional tabletop position.

That’s it for this ab workout! I hope you enjoyed it, comment down below if you tried it:) Have a great day!


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