Happy Fourth of July

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Hello lovelies! Happy Fourth of July!

Are you seeing the fireworks? Or doing something else fun? Comment down below:)

Hopefully you are enjoying today. In the meantime, I have some announcements. So let’s get to it!

Firstly, for those of you who enjoy bullet journaling, I will be posting pictures of my new bullet journal as well as its contents soon. I currently only have one post about it, from when I started my blog. However, don’t worry because there are more posts to come!

On a somewhat-similar note, I am also planning on starting a new series about writing. For this, you will have to wait for the first post.

A few of you may know about my series 20!. Although I originally started the series in December, I recently deleted the only two posts under the category and started fresh (view the new post here). I ended up deleting my posts “20 Perfect Pieces of Handwriting” and “20 Pictures of (Perfect?) Colored Pencils” because I disliked the formatting. But no worries, I’ll get back to posting more there.

Another series on Peaches and Pastries is the Life Hacks series. This has ten posts under it now, so make sure to check them out. I would also love any suggestions about life hacks of your own that you would like to share:)

Also, I have not gotten to posting anything under the Languages tab yet. I hope that I will soon, but I want to get a few things underway first, like a few bullet journaling posts, and the new writing series.

Here are two posts to definitely visit: Let’s Write a Book Together! and Blog Survey: What is Your Favorite Type of Post on Peaches and Pastries?.

Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone a few updates. I would really appreciate it if you were able to contribute your ideas to both of the posts above; it means a lot to me.

Always feel free to leave a like or comment:) You can contact me here with questions, comments, or suggestions. Have an amazing Tuesday!


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