Sneak Peek at my Favorite Layouts in my Bullet Journal

Finally, I am happy to post the long-awaited photos of a few of my bullet journal layouts! I know that many times before I had promised photos from my bullet journal, but had never actually gotten to posting them…(yikes!) Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite layouts. These go in order from … More Sneak Peek at my Favorite Layouts in my Bullet Journal

Pumpkin Cookies

If you are looking for soft, sweet, and pumpkin-y treats to wrap yourself up in for the fall, try these delicious pumpkin cookies! Not only do they taste amazing, but they have a beautiful color and crumble to them as well. Although the texture of these cookies may not be for everyone, the wonderful flavor … More Pumpkin Cookies

Baked Apples

Yesterday, I made these baked apples with my sister. Not only do they look cute and yummy, but they taste just as delicious! This dessert is easy to make and is definitely a good comfort food for the fall. I absolutely love pie and this is a great way to change it up a little … More Baked Apples